Replacement encoder from original manufacturer

Did you already know?

AMI Elektronik is the original manufacturer of Klaschka encoders with the following part numbers:

Klaschka Artikelnummer AMI Artikelnummer
DIDNL-58z6-1PA1-xxxxx * 41100040-xxxxx *
DIDNL-58z6-1SA1-xxxxx * 41100152-xxxxx *
DIDNL-58z10-1SR2-xxxxx * 41200015-xxxxx *
DIDNJ-58z10-2SR2-xxxxx * 41200053-xxxxx *
DIDL-105z10-1SR1-xxxxx * 41478001-xxxxx *
DIDNL-58z10-1SA2-00005 41200020-00005
DIDNJ-58z10-2SR3-01000 41200034-01000
DIDNL-58z10-12SA1-04096       41200090-04096

* The ending xxxxx is replaced by the required number of pulses. If you need a replacement encoder for one of the above article numbers, you have come to the right place. Because only with us you get the original encoders as a new device with guarantee in the usual quality. For a quote please contact our sales team now.