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AMI incremental angle encoders are constructed and manufactured for multiple applications in close cooperation with each user also for roughest operational demands.

AMI encoders are used everywhere there, where direction, paths and angles as well as speed have to be precisely collected and measured.

AMI has been manufacturing incremental encoders with up to 18000 pulses for more than 40 years, also including hollow shafts up to 60 mm, electronic measuring hand wheels with mechanical and magnetic lock-ins, which are used in driving-motors, the tool-machinery and robot-industry.

Without the engaged support of our team and w/o their high motivation a lot of things would not be possible. Of course we want to continue to benefit from this engagement also in future.

Reliable – innovative – qualified. With these targets we would like to create and maintain confidence in our customers. Everybody of our company – co-workers, employees including the board of management – will be doing their utmost to warrant this confidence towards our customers with our common success. Also, in future we are anxious to do anything to make it worth to trust in products of AMI-Elektronik.


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